hey michael,
there is just not enough room in the feedback section. :) thanks very much i am very happy with the discs/calipers. you provide a fast and smooth transaction process. its fantastic. people like you(few and far between) are a credit to the ebay system. thanks so much again. brent cameron.






> Hi,

> Give you 10/10,Brakes arrive here at midday.

> Now fitted to car and happy days,.

> thank all your team for a fantastic service.I will spread the good word.

> thanks again,

> Evan.



Hi!  thank you very much for terrific service and great products much appreciated.

best wishes Wendy



 thank you very much, your service has been reliable and friendly to expenses.





Just to let you know the discs and wheel cylinders arrived in good order. I have fitted the rotors and they look great, I am sure they will enhance braking power. Thank you very much for your excellent service. I will be in touch for other items as my rebuild continues.



 Thankyou very much for the excellent service and responsiveness! I have received the package and have installed it.
I am very impressed with the quality of service you have provided, your responsiveness and your very competitive prices! I will be recommending you to friends/colleagues if an opportunity arises.
Thanks again!




Hi Mike and Jason

Thank you very much for your friendly and prompt service and delivery.  Clutch and pressure plate etc received and now in vehicle.

Pleasure doing business with you again.  Many thanks.


Vicki & Wayne




Hi, I just wanted to pass on my praise of these pads. took a stab in the dark and these are well worth it. I have a 250 wheel kw subaru, and using RDA slotted rotors, these Pads pull the car up better and have much better pedal feel than the Bendix Ultimates i had in it previously. Absolutely awesome value for money, great quality. Happy to be quoted, Cheers, Paul.


Thanks to the Remsa Brake pads you supplied, I have LOWERED my best lap time at  Lakeside Park. I shaved Nearly 4 tenths off thanks to more effective and predictable braking.
Would love some REMSA stickers if you can manage it.
Cheers Alan Howarth,  Pirate Racing Corolla AE92, QLD
VT V6 Solid Flywheel Converstion (Cushion Button ) GMK24011NFWCB

Dear 1864mike,

Hey Mike,

Finally put my clutch and flywheel in last week and I must say, it is AMAZING! Holds 400whp easy and bites so nicely. Even nice to drive in traffic. Was great from the word go. Thanks heaps!

     - mrlectronics


Toyota Landcruiser Clutch Master Cylinder & Slave Cylinder

Just a quick bit of feedback for you. My dinosaur Land Cruiser had a clutch master cylinder failure and I ordered parts from you to replace it. Shortly afterwards, the slave cylinder failed which was probably due to the increased pressure. In both instances the parts ordered were delivered quickly, fitted well and perform as expected.

 Thanks, Andrew

Brake Discs and Brake Pads

Hi Mick,

Got the parts last week. I got correct parts, great price and quick delivery.

The service and information was spot on when I phoned.

The only problem I had was the countersunk Bolts holding the rotors on were stuck so a bit of a battle getting them off.

So If you can supply them maybe suggest that to future customers. But hey they had been in there for 30+ years.

Thanks again ,

Jason Cox


Holden V8 5 Puk Sports Clutch

Hi Mike,


Just a quick note to say thanks for your help the other day is sorting out the clutch in the commodore. Tested it down at the island the other week and all went well. (See pic)


Can you please organise me another clutch, pressure plate and steel bearing for me which we will keep as a spare.


Please include delivery to Greensborough and let me know when / how is best to pay.


Let me know if you need any more info.




Jeff Trembath
Managing Director

JNJ Electrics (Injectelectrics )


 Ford Cleveland 11" Dual Friction Clutch kit 

Dear People,

                   I purchased one of your clutches kits some years ago. I finally got around to fit it to our XY 347 Windsor powered GS Wagon and from the very fist time it worked perfectly. 

                   I am 62 years old and have been a mechanic all my working life in more than 6 countries. For a composite unit such as this is and to do what it should straight out of the box is brilliant. I have fitted many standard units that did not FEEL as good as your unit did. Grip was brilliant, no problems with release and as I said the pedal feel is loverly.

                       Thank you very much for a great product, just wish you could have done me one for my MK1 Escort 2 LTR with Toyota Selica 5 speed.

My hat comes off to you,

Sincerely yours,

David Cook.

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