Warranty Overview

Important please read before fitting Clutch kit


Our manufacturers warrant all their products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the first 12 months or 20,000 kms from the date of purchase (warranty period).  Reco products are 6months or 10,000 kms. Manufacturers will at their option, replace, repair or rework the product if it is shown by the consumer to the satisfaction of the manufacturers that the product is defective in materials or workmanship.  This warranty does not include the cost of transport, installation, removal of the product or other costs related to making the claim for the warranty.  Manufacturers are not liable under this warranty for interruption of business, indirect or consequential damage to person or property from any cause whatsoever.


This Warranty does not apply to and / will be void if


1.                  the product is damaged by wear and tear by reason of normal usage or damage        caused by collision..


2.                  it is a second hand product


3.                  the defect is caused by the consumers failure to store, install, assemble or use the product in accordance with its specifications or recommendations, including but not limited to:


a.      strenuous or high RPM applications in excess of specifications

b.      modification of the product by the consumer in any way

c.       installation of the product in breach of, or contrary to, the specification of the vehicle recommended by the manufacturer of that vehicle.

d.      This warranty does not apply when the product are fitted to a vehicle used for speed trials, racing, or off road use.


4.                  the consumer’s failure to use and install an appropriate scattershield causes

damage or injury to persons or property.


5.                  where product has been in manufacturers reasonable opinion, subject to

any misuse, negligence, fire, accident or has been subject to repair or alteration.


Warranty claims will be rejected where the flywheel is not machined before the

clutch kit is fitted (keep receipt as proof)





By fitting a Sport or Performance Clutch , you are deviating away from the vehicle  manufacturers specifications .

Some side effects could be :

Different pedal feel , Different release point , Positive engagement , Clutch shudder, Harmonic noise

The above characteristics are considered generally acceptable in a Performance or Sport clutch.

NO CLAIM will be accepted for these possible complaints

NO CREDIT will be accepted for any clutch kit that has been fitted



Correct selection of products is the responsibility of the purchaser , before fitting always try the clutch disc on the gearbox spline and check height of cover and release bearing.  No returns for products that have been fitted.


To make a claim under this warranty you will require a claim form which is available on request and the original dated tax invoice.  For this reason Sunbury Brakes recommends you keep your tax invoice in a safe place should it be required in the future.  Sunbury Brakes strongly recommends that only qualified personnel undertake clutch installation please keep their receipts as they may be required.

All costs involved with returning any product for warranty is to paid for by the consumer.

This gurantee does not exclude any rights arising from the Trade Practices Act.


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