Ford Courier CLUTCH KIT Inc. Raider Year Feb 2005 to Dec 2006 4.0Litre V6 FMK25407

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Ford Courier CLUTCH KIT Inc. Raider Year Feb 2005 to Dec 2006 4.0Litre V6

Size x Spline O.D x No of Teeth 254x26x23

Specifications 4.0 Ltr PH , V6 12V. Petrol    

OE Replacement Kit FMK25407N

 Kit includes Conventric slave cylinder 





Australian Importer of OEM clutch components .HCB stock some of the highest quality and reputable clutch components in the world. Including most passenger , commercial and Industrial.With over 30 years experience in the Industry HCB are a name that is known and trusted

Based in Melbourne , Australia . Supplying the Australian , New Zealand and Pacific Island markets.

We source components from major international OE manufacturers

PBR Asco, NKK, Seco, Valeo, LUK, Daiken, Exedy, Sachs, Paraut, Excel ,Hardcore Clutch Etc


All our clutches are manufactured to a TOTAL QUALITY standard.

 They adhere to the highest specifications... These quality standards guarantee that all our clutches are:

RELIABILITY 100% new & tested


Designed for power & heat resistance

Our clutches accommodate modern torque requirements and perform in the most hostile operating environments.


All HCB Clutch kits  components supplied are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standard.

Providing quality replacement Clutch kit components that meet or exceed ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT   standards.


Sunbury Brakes Proud Distributor of HCB Clutch

03 97443438


Sunbury Brakes specialize in Custom Clutch applications

Conversions and   high performance clutch systems.


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